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Karen (KC) Clark

With more than three decades of legal experience, Karen (KC) Clark truly knows the pressures faced by lawyers and business professionals. Her 25+ years as an ethics expert have led her to teach in law schools, law firms and to thousands of lawyers across the country. Her passion for professional wellness now motivates her to train others in tangible mindfulness practices that transform lives.


Marrying her passion for legal ethics and her dedication to wellness, KC is the perfect facilitator for iPracticeWell’s mission: helping individuals and organizations work in a more mindful and supportive way, by providing education programs and trainings designed to enhance personal and professional success and wellbeing.

Milestones in KC’s career that illustrate her commitment to professional wellness:

  • 1989 – Became licensed attorney. Soon after, KC began practicing yoga/meditation as a way of mitigating the stress of practicing law.

  • 2009 – Started her own law firm, Adams & Clark PC, specializing in legal ethics.

  • 2020 - Completed 200-hour course to become a certified meditation teacher

  • 2021 – Completed 100-Hour course to become a certified Mindfulness at Work Trainer.

Over the course of her career, KC has learned, time and again, that mindfulness, wellness and ethics are not only good for you – they’re good for business.


Her work with iPracticeWell is born out of her desire to teach lawyers and professionals mindfulness practices that help them live and work well.

iPracticeWell reflects KC’s mindfulness mission, encapsulated in our guiding core values:



We are dedicated to equipping you with the tools you need to achieve wellness, both professionally and personally.



We are excited about guiding you to a more mindful way of living and working.



We are committed to ongoing learning, to cultivate wellbeing that has long term and impactful results.

How Mindfulness Training Has Helped Our Clients

“[iPracticeWell’s program] is highly informative and entertaining, too!”

“Karen Clark is phenomenal and very practical in her advice.”

“Karen Clark is a great presenter, and ethics credits are always needed.”

“I really enjoyed [the training] and thought the information was invaluable to any lawyer.”

“I thought the program was great! Ethics is always a good topic to cover. Karen did a great job covering the rules that can be applied to our current state of affairs.”


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