Mindfulness Consulting

Mindfulness Consulting

Our Mindfulness Consulting Experts Help Your Business

Create a Lasting Culture of Wellness

Whether you’ve taken an iPracticeWell course, completed our full mindfulness training program or aren’t quite sure where to start, our mindfulness consulting services help you create a wellness-at-work program tailored specifically for the unique needs of your business.


Our experts work with leadership teams, HR professionals, C-suite executives and decision makers to take your company’s wellness goals to the next level.


Let us help you develop mindfulness solutions and a culture of wellness customized to your business needs.

How Mindfulness Training Has Helped Our Clients


“[iPracticeWell’s program] is highly informative and entertaining, too!”

“Karen Clark is phenomenal and very practical in her advice.”

“Karen Clark is a great presenter, and ethics credits are always needed.”

“I really enjoyed [the training] and thought the information was invaluable to any lawyer.”

“I thought the program was great! Ethics is always a good topic to cover. Karen did a great job covering the rules that can be applied to our current state of affairs.”


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